Hi friends! I'm Navid Kaveh.

Wherever you're going on your technology journey, I am here to help you get there.

Founder & CEO at Rayan Mehr Electric Company.

An experienced researcher and author, with a track record at leading IT teams.

Welcome to my personal website where you will find info about my publications, projects and books.

Entrepreneur, Researcher, Author

Entrepreneur, Researcher, Author

Navid Kaveh is an exemplary entrepreneur. In 2006, he founded Rayan Mehr Electric Company. This company is one of the leading companies in the field of equipment supply, design and implementation of computer networking in Isfahan province (Iran). Since the activity of Navid Kaveh as the CEO, he has played a pivotal role in the rapid development of Rayan Mehr Electric.
Navid Kaveh has presented several papers in various conferences. In addition to teaching at the university, he has shared his technical knowledge and experience in several specialized journals in the field of computer networking. Navid Kaveh has a bachelor's degree in computer software engineering and a master's degree in computer networks engineering.
He has also authored several books on social network analysis and other topics of interest to him, including literature and numismatics.


Publishing has allowed me to network with other scholars and to further refine my own ideas and research. It’s something I enjoy immensely and hope that these papers will help others further their science and welcome any opportunities to collaborate.


Here you will find info about my academic papers, academic resources, projects and books.


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My exposure to both academic and industrial settings (large and small) over the past 15 years has taught me to think strategically, pragmatically, and scientifically, positioning me as someone able to imagine, connect and direct research efforts towards tangible objectives and strategic targets.
There's something to be said about working with passionate business owners that truly love what they do. I’m no different. I started my business because I honestly enjoy coming to work every day to create something beautiful that has the ability to impact others.

What I've done & what I can do

I’ve gone through a number of phases in my career, and each of them has informed my current work ethos and philosophy. Feel free to take a deeper look at what I've accomplished over the years and what I'm able to do. My resume goes over the standard items, but please understand that I don't embellish my capabilities (no good ever comes out of that).

What I've done & what I can do
Rayan Mehr Electric Co.
Network Science Society of Iran

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I am a graduate of the master computer networks engineering. I'm interested in Social Network Analysis, Complex and Dynamic Networks and Data Mining in my academical field.

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